Humans thrive physically and mentally when certain inputs are applied to the body. These include light exposure and your sleep and wake times, the nutrition you give your body, the physical stress you apply to it, and your physical and mental recovery practices. DURA refers to the above inputs as the Health Impacters. DURA's approach to fitness programming is comprehensive, addressing every Health Impacter to maximize the rate and depth of results. Utilizing of all of the Health Impacters leads to a biological synergism that makes health optimization possible.



Health starts with the sun. The benefit of accommodating the body’s natural circadian rhythm is among the most powerful of the DURA Health Impacters. Light exposure, sleep and wake regularity, and the timing of meals and other stimuli all promote proper cellular and mitochondrial function. Only when your circadian biology is locked down can optimal health happen.



To continuously grow and regenerate, all humans need a nutrient-dense, species-specific diet. We properly balance vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and trace elements to eliminate any potential deficiencies. Further, we minimize inflammation and toxicity caused by processed foods and carbohydrates. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and so we design an eating plan that gets you the most nutrients in the ways you most enjoy.



Your personal goals, whether they be fat loss, strength gain, injury recovery, flexibility, functionality, or lean mass gain, will mandate different training modalities for optimal results. We apply the right amount and right type of movements that will incur the adaptations you desire. We will safely and calmly challenge our bodies beyond their current limits, rest well, and repeat.



Through mindfulness and lifestyle adjustments, we aim to both lower chronic stress levels and improve our response to a stressful experience. We can increase neurogeneration and neuroplasticity while enhancing cognition as measured by emotional stability, memory retention, focus and attention, verbal fluency, creativity, strategic planning, and pattern-recognition. Optimize how well your brain functions in your world and your state of mind throughout every experience.