DURA offers comprehensive programming and coaching to optimize your healthspan, lifespan, functionality, and performance. The goal is perfect health and function, now and in the future - you should feel amazing everyday.

DURA’s Programs are:

CUSTOMIZED –  Based on your goals, your health status, your genetics, your environments, and what you most enjoy

COMPREHENSIVE – We address all of the DURA Health Impacters

DETAILED – The big picture is paramount, but we'll also get into the nitty-gritty

EVIDENCE-BASED – We combine time-tested principles of ancestral wellness and evolutionary biology with current research and common sense

SUSTAINABLE – This isn't a crash diet, but a healthier framework for living

CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED – As we progress and gain new knowledge, any necessary modifications are made



Drew’s core interest in life is total human health, and his mission is to show others how to find it. Drew launched DURA Comprehensive Wellness in 2016 as a way to offer his comprehensive fitness expertise to individual clients as well as families, communities, and corporate teams. A NYC resident since 2007, Drew has mastered the fitness lifestyle in one of the world's most demanding cities, and lives to guide and coach others on their own fitness journeys.

In a world with seemingly infinite yet contradictory nutrition and training information, Drew provides clarity via detailed programming along with dependability, accountability, and a strong vision. When you combine the right information with the proper actions, great things happen.