DURA offers personalized programming and coaching to increase your physical and cognitive performance, healthspan, and lifespan.

DURA's programs are:
•COMPREHENSIVE – we address every possible health impacter
•CUSTOMIZED – based on your body, your goals, and what you enjoy most
•DETAILED – the big picture is paramount, but we'll also get into the nitty-gritty as understanding is key to adherance
•SCIENCE-BASED – we combine the most cutting-edge research with time-tested principles of evolutionary biology and ancestral wellness
•SUSTAINABLE – this isn't a crash diet, but a new way of life
•CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED – consistent program modifications and additions are mandated by newly published research and your own progress

DURA is...

...a decision to prevent poor health or injury from limiting our options in any way

...a philosophy that improving fitness is not a selfish pursuit, but one that benefits your dependents and society as a whole

...an attempt to illuminate best health practices to a misled population

...an effort to have an impact on the current obesity epidemic and inflammation epidemic

And of course, DURA wants you look good naked and be on-point, everyday.

We shoot for optimal health because the results are always worth the effort.



Drew's core interest in life is salutogenesis, or the origin of health, and helping others discover and achieve it. After obtaining a degree in integrative biology and accredited certifications in nutrition counseling, coaching, and training, Drew honed his crafts at elite NYC facilities such as Equinox, modelFIT, and Ludlow Fitness. He then created DURA as a platform to deeply optimize the health, fitness, and productivity of driven individuals and corporations. A NYC resident since 2007, Drew has mastered health optimization in one of the world's busiest cities, and lives to show people how deeply rewarding the journey can be.

When you combine the right information with proper actions, great things happen. Working with Drew, you're guided by expert knowledge, a clear vision, active listening, and dependability.