Dura Wellness



Dura Wellness offers comprehensive programming and coaching to optimize your healthspan, lifespan, functionality, and performance – the goal is total human health.

Dura's Programs are:

CUSTOMIZED –  Completely personalized based on your goals, your health status, your genetics, your environments, and what you most enjoy

COMPREHENSIVE – We address all possible Wellness Impacters

DETAILED – The big picture is paramount, but we'll also get into the nitty-gritty

SCIENCE-BASED – We combine time-tested principles of ancestral wellness and evolutionary biology with cutting-edge research and common sense

SUSTAINABLE – This isn't a crash diet, it's a healthier framework for living

CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED – Program modifications and additions are continuously made based on your progress and new knowledge gained



Drew holds a bachelors degree in biology and is a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and health coach. His core interest in life is total human health, and his purpose is to help others find it for themselves.

After honing his craft with a wide variety of clients, privately and at elite NYC facilities such as Equinox and Ludlow Fitness, Drew founded Dura Wellness in 2016 as a platform to guide individuals and corporate teams towards optimal health. A NYC resident since 2007, Drew has mastered health optimization in one of the world's busiest cities, and lives to show people how deeply rewarding the journey can be.

When you combine the right information with proper actions, great things happen. Working with Drew, you're guided by expert knowledge gained through 15 years of experience and study, a strong vision, and dependability.