Drew Morcheles, founder of DURA Comprehensive Wellness BS Biology, CPT, FNS, TPC

Drew Morcheles, founder of DURA Comprehensive Wellness
BS Biology, CPT, FNS, TPC

Drew Morcheles' core interest in life is human health-improvement. Drew has a degree in integrative biology from Skidmore College and is certified nutritionist and personal trainer. He understands the fitness lifestyle and lives to help other people apply its concepts. He honed his coaching skills at elite NYC facilities such as Equinox, modelFIT, and Ludlow Fitness, and then founded DURA to enhance impact – his goal as your personal health director is to optimize your body and brain in all ways.

When you know the correct information and take the right actions, great things happen. Working with Drew, you embark together on the journey of health-optimization. Your custom programming will combine cutting edge, evidence-based science with deep personalization, incorporating all of the 7 Health Impacters. We want results to be profound and lasting.

Drew has lived and worked in NYC since 2007, and understands how challenging it is to balance fitness, work, and life in this fast paced city. He guides his clients with a strong vision, expertise, active listening, and dependability.


Durable. Endurance. Duration. Endure.

By applying the concept of first principles, Drew created DURA in 2014 with the singular goal of maximizing the probability of success for people aiming to optimize their health, fitness, and productivity.

DURA is meant to stand between you and the medical establishment. It is an effort to illuminate best health practices to a misled population. It is a movement to take back control of our health and fitness. DURA is a decision to prevent poor health or injury from limiting our options. It is an attempt to make an impact on the current epidemics of obesity and chronic inflammation. It is a philosophy that improving fitness is not a selfish pursuit, but one that benefits your dependents and society as a whole. And of course, DURA wants you look good naked and be on-point, everyday. We shoot for optimal health because the results are always worth the effort, and DURA wants you to Try Really Hard™.


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